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The oval carabiner is a standard piece of slackline equipment used in primitive 1-inch slacklines and in multipliers on advanced rigging setups. SI's oval carabiner is made out of steel and rated to 24 kN making it perfect for primitive 1-inch slacklining.

Oval Carabiner


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  • Low bend on carabiner to keep webbing flat
  • Made from Zinc plated Steel
  • CE Certificate EN 362

Carabiner Type Non-Locking Carabiner

Material Zinc plated steel

gate Type Straight

Gate Opening 0.94 inch (24 mm)

Strength Major Axis Closed 24 kN

Strength Major Axis Open 7 Kn

Strength Minor Axis 8 Kn


  • Inner Length: 3.5 inches (89 mm)
  • Inner width: 1.38 inches (35 mm)
  • Outer Length: 4.3 inches (109.5 mm)
  • Outer Width: 2.25 inches (57.8 mm)
  • Stock diameter: 0.39 inch (10 mm)

Weight 5.8 oz (164 g)

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