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Heather Larsen

From: jackson, Tennessee, USA    AGE: 30

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    Birth Date: March 18, 1986

    Current Location: Golden, Colorado, USA

    Sponsors: Slackline Industries, Adidas Outdoor, GoPro, Native Eyewear, Gnarly Nutrition, Voke Tabs, Huppy Bars, Catalyst Case

    Slackline Discipline: Highline, Longline


    When did you start slacklining?

    I started slacklining in 2011.


    What kept you interested?

    I was basically exposed to highlining before I was slacklining low to the ground. Being inspired by others highlining is what kept me interested in the sport. Once I learned about other branches of the sport like tricklining and waterlining, I was even more excited to get creative with the line.


    What is your favorite discipline of slacklining?

    My favorite discipline of the sport is definitely highlining and yoga-highlining. I love the exposure and the challenge that comes with it.


    We’ve seen you all over the world: Bosnia, Israel, and more. What was your favorite slackline trip?

    All of my trips have been so different!! From exploring highlines on the coast of Tasmania to highlining the ruins in Bosnia to rigging with the crew in Jerusalem at the Tower of David, I actually can't pick just one!! My favorite part of my travels has been connecting with and being a part of an amazing community.


    Do you have any projects in the works?

    I've always got something on my mind. I'm currently really psyched on establishing new lines and pushing myself on longer, looser highlines.


    What other sports/hobbies do you do besides slacklining?

    I go to a few yoga classes each week and am getting back into climbing. Those are my biggest passions aside from slacklining, but I find they all compliment each other in a big way.


    Do you have any advice for the slackers out there who want to be the next Heather Larsen?

    (hahaha I actually laughed out loud at this one!) I would honestly tell people to find whatever it is they are passionate about and whatever it is that puts a massive smile on their face and challenges them to go outside of their comfort zone. Pursue that - don't take it too seriously - have all the fun!

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